Apprenticeship as Font Painter.

Several semesters evening classes at the School of Applied Arts in Zurich, Switzerland, for watercolor painting, nude drawing. Calligraphy

1 semester oil painting under Prof. Karel Mitachek. 

Further education by self-study.

4 1/2 years Art studies at Freie Kunstschule Zürich (Free Art School Zurich) under Walter Oscar Grob


I was born in 1951 and I have been living and working in Zurich for many years.


Art in general had always exerted a strong attraction on me. Drawing was already one of my passions in early youth.

How wonderful it was to visually express my thoughts and feelings as well as my own opinion through art.


I mostly draw and paint from my free imagination. Contents, meanings as well as mental processes which are fascinating to me but which are not always easy to transcribe into words are the main motivation for me to translate them into symbolic images.


My light objects, whose creation began somewhat later, were originally triggered by an original African mask I was permitted to hold in my hands and to admire it closely. The mystery of this mask, its powerful expression, its magic and the presentiment of the hidden story it contained but whose language and content were incomprehensible to me, all this left a very strong impression on me.


In the course of the years new forms of expression have evolved and working with different materials has always been an exciting challenge in my artistic work. The urge to create something new does never fade and fills me with joy and motivation at all times.


I love travelling to Greece, especially to Crete, where the wonderful Mediterranean light, the climate, the typical cuisine and the warm-heartedness of the people always touch me deeply.


Artists and their art have always represented to me a world of independent liberal thinking and acting.





 The term of art can be interpreted in a broader sense than in the past. Through digitalization new arts and new possibilities 

of expression can now be realized.

The new arts which are based on media and other digital technologies are thus enabled to realize  

 psychological, philosophical and social aspects in a more pronounced way.



But regardless of all innovations, every artistic novelty is just a new game based on traditional art forms.


At the beginning of the 20th century, the Dadaists turned away from the strict corset

of artistic forms of expression to more liberal individual forms. 

Nevertheless, art still requires a necessary fulfillment of form and composition, regardless of the style or medium used.


Art is always personal and thus is an expression of our own taste and our own perception. It is, therefore, up to the

observer to judge what he considers as art.